Privacy Policy

Privacy rules
1. This document discusses (hereafter – Website) applicable privacy rules’ questions (hereafter – Rules) of all persons, using Website and its services. 
2. This Website respects privacy of each member, so it seeks to ensure the maximum protection of information received from Website members and public data files.
3. Website follows all the procedures, defined in this document and they must be read and understood together with the Usage Rules. The aim of these Rules is to ensure, that each member of the Website uses Website and communicates with other Website members without worrying of personal data safety and privacy.
4. Some Website’s data, received directly from Website member and (or) from public data files can be considered as personal data. These data are processed in accordance with the laws of Lithuanian Republic, other legal acts and these Rules.
5. Website has the right to carry out changes ex parte, so it is advisable to Website members to view Rules on a regular basis that they would be familiar with its latest version. If a member of the Website uses Website after the publication of rules’ changes, it is considered that he agrees with all the changes. If the Website member does not agree with the modified content of the Rules, he loses the right to use the Website and must immediately remove his profile on the Website.
6. The main rules:
6.1. All the information you filled in when creating your profile, will be given only in made form and nowhere else. The Website has the right to remove any inappropriate words and phrases which do not coincide with reality in order to provide a high quality dating service to Website members. The Website accepts and publishes only the pictures and information that meet the provision of Usage Rules.
6.2. Without direct consent of the Website member, the Website undertakes not to make member’s personal data (real name, e-mail, postal address, contact number or IP address) public; they will be kept strictly private and confidential.
6.3. The Website undertakes not to give member’s personal information to any third party for advertising and (or) other purposes without Website member’s consent.
6.4. All the information which makes Website member’s personal data without member’s consent will not be given to third parties, excluding those cases as required by employed laws.  The member of the Website undertakes to provide and renew accurate and up to date personal information.
6.5. Each Website member’s personal use of the Website and its communication with other members is considered strictly private.
6.6. The Website has the right to send member e-mails with the information from third parties with adverts which may be considered as relevant and necessary.
6.7. Member of the Website at any time can remove his profile from the Website.
7. The Website is not responsible for member’s privacy in the websites of third parties, even in those cases, when the member goes to the websites of third parties using links in this Website. It is recommended to get to know the privacy rules/policies of every website of third parties.

8. The Website reminds that each member is responsible for the privacy of all login data. The Website asks to be cautious using and protecting login data. Website member should log out after work is finished in order to be sure that nobody accesses his e-mail, personal information, especially in cases when using public or shared computer (for example, Internet café, library).
9. If you have any questions or suggestions, please use Contact us form and Website administrator will immediately respond to all your questions.