Termini di utilizzo

Usage rules
General rules:
1. In order to browse www.palydoves.com (hereafter- Website) and use its services and facilities it is required to follow the usage rules of the Website (hereafter – Rules). The commitment to comply with the Rules is expressed by agreeing with these Rules. The Website reserves the right to alter, add or remove these Rules at any time. If you continue using the Website after publication of any of these Rules, it will mean you accept those changes.
2. If you agree with Website’s Rules you confirm that you are not younger than 18 years of age. Younger than 18 years of age and persons who do not agree with Website’s Rules must immediately terminate the registration and leave the Website.
Website’s member rights and responsibilities:
1. To become a member (hereafter- Member) of the Website and use all Website’s services can only registered persons.
2. Registered members can be at least 18 years of age, who provide only correct and comprehensive data. It is prohibited to register using false data. The Website has the right to decide on Member’s data correctness, completeness and accuracy. If a Member provides incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate data, the Website has the right immediately and without notice remove the Member from the registered persons list (delete Member’s registration) and (or) take any other actions.
3. A Member is fully responsible for the confidentiality and protection of its Member’s name and provided login password (hereafter- Login data).
4. Member has to ensure the confidentiality of Login data and do not reveal to third parties. If for any reasons Login data have become known for third parties, a Member must immediately inform the Website and change Login data, that third parties could not use them. Member is liable for any actions of third parties, if they were done by using Member’s Login data and all the obligations and liability related to the actions of third parties by using Login data is also falls to Member.
5. By registering on the Website and providing personal data and (or) information, a Member unconditionally agrees that the provider of Website services manages and maintains any given Member’s personal data or other received information and uses such data and (or) information for the purposes of services’ advertising and statistics.
6. By registering as a Member of the Website and agreeing to these Rules, a person expresses his consent to receive an unlimited amount of information, advertising and other kind of information from the Website.
7. A Member has a right at any time to renounce Website’s services by eliminating his registration. For a Member, who refuses Website’s services for reasons, which do not depend on the will of Website’s service provider, the amount of money paid for services is not repaid. 
8. A Member has to retrain from any actions, which have or likely can cause damage to the Website, other members or third parties or their interests.
9. For a Member is prohibited to store, publish, send, distribute or give any offensive, defamatory, obscene, threatening, abusive, indecent or illegal content or any other content on the Website, that could be considered as a crime or it would encourage behavior which can be regarded as a criminal offense or any other legal liability. The forbidden content also includes, but is not restricted to:
- Programs with viruses and (or) other measures, violating Website’s security;
- Requests or adverts;
- Illegal activities’ proposals or promotions;
- Job hosting and distribution;
- Private information about any person (telephone numbers, addresses, personal identification code or any private information;
- More than one profile creation.
10. Member, while using Website’s services must pay all damage, which emerged to the Website, other members or third parties.
Website’s rights and responsibilities:
1. Website has a right without noticing to remove or restrict Member’s access to any Member’s provided information or data, using Website’s services.
2. The provider of Website’s services has the right at any time without prior notice to modify all or part of Website’s services and/or services’ provision and arrangement, as well as to restrict or forbid Member’s access to the Website.
Paid services:
1. Part of the Website’s services is provided to a Member for a fee (hereafter-Paid services). Paid services are defined and listed on the Website; their prices are indicated in a particular Paid service request page.
2. Member understands and agrees that Paid services can be provided only after the payment, respectively. Website has a right at any time change payment for any Paid service as well as payment procedure.
3. Payment for Paid services that were removed and/or canceled regarding Member’s violation of Rules is not repaid.
4. Website has a right during preventive works to limit or terminate a provision of Paid services for an indefinite period of time.
1. Member has a full responsibility for the false data submission, which causes or can cause consequences, including, but not confining made damage for Website and/or other Members.
2. On a basis of given data and information a member’s Website profile is created. Profile data is visible and accessible to other members of the Website. Member agrees that the Website is not responsible for the control, editing and/or monitoring of content that was published, posted, revised, transferred, reproduced and/or distributed by the Member. For the content of the information full responsibility falls on Member only.
3. The Website is not responsible for a damage caused by a Member or third parties by using Website’s services and facilities.
4. Under no circumstances including, but not confining, a Website will not be responsible for special, auxiliary, indirect, direct, criminal or consequential damages or compensation for them, emerging due to the Member’s use or inability to use the Website, any Website’s content, services, functions and/or any related software, even when the Website or its authorized representative have been warned about the possibility of such compensation. Applied law may not provide responsibility or incidental or consequential compensation’s restriction or exclusion of damages, so above mentioned limitation or exclusion shall not be applied to the Member.
5. Member acknowledges and agrees that he and not the Website is responsible for all the presented, received, sent and transmitted information, including data, symbols, text, photos, pictures, video material, documents and others via Website. 
6. The Website is not responsible for any kind of damage and (or) damages which can be experienced by the Member while using Website and sending or posting information as well as making public any kind of information.
7. Member understands and agrees that Website is not and will not be responsible for third parties, including providers of internet, mobile and e-mail, when the Paid services are not provided or provided undue. If a Member is unable to use Paid services due to the third parties, the payment for them is not repaid.
8. A Member undertakes to ensure that the Website will never face any legal responsibility, obligation to pay, reimburse or otherwise compensate any losses, damage or other expenses due to the Member’s use of the Website.
9. Member understands and agrees that Website is provided without any validation or warranty that it will function properly and timely, without troubles, qualitatively, full volume or that it will not cause any negative effects to the Member or third parties. The Website is not and will not be responsible for the illegality, inaccuracy, inadequacy or falsity of the Member’s information and consequences to the Member or third parties.
Final rules:
1. The Member’s information posted on a Website does not become Website’s property.
2. The Website prohibits any activity that is prohibited by Lithuanian Republic and international law acts, including the following activities, that:
2.1. promote racial, ethnic or cultural discrimination;
2.2. offend honor and dignity, business reputation, etc;
2.3. violate any person’s right to privacy or publicity rights;
2.4. damage or cause danger to the health, life or property;
2.5. violate any copyright, trademark or patents;
2.6. violate any laws of the Republic of Lithuania, acts, EU legislation, international treaties and agreements’ requirements as well as goods defending by these legal acts.
3. If any of these Rules contradicts with the law or for some reason becomes partially or completely invalid, it does not void the remaining Rules.
4. Website reserves the right to terminate Member’s access to the Website for noncompliance with those Rules or laws, or if the Website decides due to other causes, without any warning, reason or liability. When the Website terminates the existence of the Website, a member acknowledges and agrees that the Website at discretion can decide how to remove all the content and information in any way.
5. Member agrees that the use of the Website and these Rules or any disputes related to them, or any content related to Website would be regulated and interpreted under the laws of Lithuanian Republic.
6. All intellectual property rights to the Website and all its content, including copyrights, industrial intellectual property rights, business names, commercial and trade secrets belongs to the Website.